Swg Auto Crafter is a program that runs on any Windows based computer. It will allow you to level your SWG character while you are away from the keyboard. All you need to do is set the program up one time and that's it!

Our quick start guide will allow you to be up an running in minutes, and if you need any help support is only an email away!
Some of the professions that we have mastered with the program:

* Medic
* Doctor
* Artisan
* Architect
* Tailor
* Chef
* Weaponsmith
* Armorsmith

All of the above professions were MASTERED 100% Away from the keyboard, all you have to do is set the program to run and watch the XP add up!

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User Testimonials

Great program and fast delivery...Highly recommended!!!

Wow this program really works very well!! A+++ I really CAN level while I sleep!
Great Program! Easy to setup. A+++ Lets me level afk


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