Q: Does the program run on Linux or Macintosh?

A: Currently Swg Auto Crafter only runs on the Windows operating System, no plans to port it to Macintosh or Linux are planned.

Q: Why do you charge for the program?

A: The only reason that we do not just give the program away is because of the amount of time that is put into developing and testing it. Another reason is because we fully support it!

Q: Can I share the program with a friend?

A: No, each person that wants to use the program needs to pay for it. When you buy it we custom compile your copy with your email address and name in the program. If we find out that someone is using a copy they did not pay for we will take legal action agains them and the original owner.

Q: Is the program really easy to use?

A: Yes, it was developed with the end user (you) in mind. If you can get SWG to work, you can get this program to work!!

Q: Are Updates to the program free?

A: Yes they are! Any time we release a new version you will automatically recieve it via e-mail!

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User Testimonials

Great program and fast delivery...Highly recommended!!!

Wow this program really works very well!! A+++ I really CAN level while I sleep!
Great Program! Easy to setup. A+++ Lets me level afk


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