Please note that you will need the Visual Basic runtime files for this program to work, if you are running a newer version of Windows you probably already have these files, however if you get an error saying that you are missing filed, here is the link to download them:

Runtime Files

Step One

You will need to make sure that Star Wars Galaxies is running in window mode for the macro to work, if you know how to do this then please move to setp 2, otherwise read below.


Launch the game as you normally would, only after you login do not hit “Play”

When you get to this screen select the “Options” button.

Next you will see the following screen where you will want to click on the "Graphics" tab.

On the "Graphics" tab select the "Windowed Mode" and "Borderless Window" options. Make sure that the "Game Resolution" setting matches the display size of your desktop.

Click "OK" here and launch the game, you are done with step 1.

Step Two

This step tells you how to setup the in-game macros and also explains how some of the in-game componets work, if you already understan macros please feel free to move on to the third step!

If you are new to macroing learning the basics can be quite intimidating, if you go over the steps below you will have no problem learning how to macro in Star Wars Galaxies.

Getting to the macro screen

The default keys to get to the actions menu in the game are Ctrl+A, press them and you should see the following screen, select the "Macro" tab:

Now that you are on the "Macro" tab select "New Macro"

Copy the following crafting macro into the window, please note that it will need to be EXACTLY as you see it:

/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 10;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;

You will want to name your macro and then select an icon for it, once this is done press the "OK" button.

You will want to setup 3 macros that will be about the same aside from 1 thing, the first line of each one will need to select a different toolbar slot, this is what will click the crafting tool to use while crafting, please see the image below to see what you will need to change the number to:

/ui action toolbarSlot01; this will select the item in slot F2 of the bar.

Here is the action bar setup that I wreccomend using, it will allow for 3 macros and 3 crafting devices

Step Three:

This step will show you how to setup the macro program you bought from me!

The program has 8 options for each action that it can do, the current version will do upto 20 actions!

Move Mouse - This option will move the mouse to a point on the screen, you can tell where you want to move it by the X: and Y: labels on the top of the progrm

Left Click Mouse - This option will click the left mouse button one time

Right Click Mouse - This option will click the right mouse button one time

Double Left Click - This option will click the left mouse button 2 times (Doubel click)

Double Right Click - This option will click the right mouse button 2 times (Doubel click)

Delay - This option will delay the next action in the program by the number of seconds specified

Re-Start Macro - Restarts the macro at the 1st action, should almost always be the last command

Stop Macro - Stops the current macro

The program is VERY easy to setup, you simply Run it after the game is running, it will run ontop of the game so you can set the places for the mouse to click and will disappear once you click back on the game.

You may need to click on the game (which will hide my program) while setting up the macro, simply press the windows key to show the taskbar of your computer and then click on the program to keep setting it up.

The default time before it will start running it 4 seconds after you press start, however you can change that in the interface. If you have ANY problems what so ever please e-mail me at and I will be happy to help!!


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